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Privacy Policy

  1. EIGHT Co., Ltd. ("we"/”our”/”us”) complies with the relevant laws, regulations and norms. We stipulate the following personal information protection policy and enforce reliable fulfillment.

  2. 1.Management of personal information

    We keep customers' personal information accurate and up to date and in order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, damage, tampering, leakage, we improve our in-house management system and internal management system thorough employee education. We will implement safety measures and strictly manage personal information.

  3. 2.Acquisition of personal information and its purpose of use

    With our consent, we acquire personal information properly regardless of false or other fraudulent ways, and we will use it for the following purposes

    (1) For various kinds of information (mail, email, telephone, etc.) from us, and survey analysis of items, customer trends and sales methods etc.
    (2) Contact for regarding ordering our items, shipping, payment settlement, after-sales service
    (3) Provision of personal information to third parties for attaining each of the above purposes with the extent necessary.

  4. 3.Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

    In principle, we will not disclose personal information to third parties without customer’s consent. However, as an exception in the following cases, personal information may be disclosed to third parties. In that case as well, we conduct a strict investigation on the third parties and will conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of the third parties so that we can secure the security of personal information.

    (1) In case we obtain prior agreement / approval of the customer.
    (2)In cases where it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person himself / herself.
    (3) In case personal information is provided to our business partners. However, the information disclosed in this case is limited to the range required for business
    (4) In cases where provision is required by law.

  5. 4.About use of cookie

    We may use cookie to provide better services to our customers, but this does not enable us to gather information that can identify individuals, and we will not violate customer’s privacy. Also, if you do not wish to accept cookie, you can change them with browser settings.

    *Cookie is information that is sent from the server computer to customer’s browser and accumulated on the hard disk of the computer that customer uses.

  6. 5.About using SSL

    When entering personal information, to ensure security, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology is used to prevent the information from being intercepted, disturbed or falsified.

    *SSL is a function to prevent eavesdropping and prevent data tampering by encrypting information.  It will be possible to send information more securely by using SSL.

  7. 6.Change of privacy policy

    We may change the contents of this privacy policy without prior notice due to the business necessity of our company, the enforcement of new laws and regulations, revision of existing laws and regulations and other circumstances. In case of changing, it will be posted on this website and will be notified. Please confirm the latest contents of this page when using it.

  8. 7.Disclosure / correction of concerning personal information, inquiries

    We will disclose customer’s personal information promptly when there is a request for disclosure from customer himself/herself. In that case, we will not respond to the disclosure if we cannot confirm that the person is the customer himself/herself. If there is an error in the content of personal information and there is a request for correction, addition or deletion from the customer himself/herself, we respond to these requests promptly after surveying. In that case, we will not respond to these requests if we cannot confirm that the person is the customer himself/herself

    EIGHT Co., Ltd.Person in charge HAMADA SAKIMI

    For inquiries about our handling of personal information, please contact here.

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