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Can I sell my items from luxury brand to you?
Sorry but we do not buy from individuals.
I haven’t received any email for confirmation of my order.
Please check the spam box first. Please set the domain specified reception as receiving mails from Or your registered address may be incorrect and if you would like to receive emails from us, please contact our customer service center.
Can I put an item on hold?
Sorry, since our vintage items are one of a kind, we cannot put any item on hold.
How do I register as a member?
Go to LOGIN on the top right corner of the site screen (in the mobile version, it is in the hamburger menu at the top right of the site screen) and click “New customer (New member registration)” to enter your information. Or place the items in your shopping bag and click “Proceed to purchase”, then terms and conditions will be appeared. If you agree with that and proceed, and select “Purchase as a member”, a field for entering information will appear. You can also enter your information there.
Can I return or exchange?
Returns or exchanges due to customer convenience are basically not accepted. For details, please refer to "Returns & Refunds" in the Shopping Guide.
Can I negotiate the price?
We are sorry but we do not accept negotiation with the price from indivisual customers.
Is there any discount when buying in bulk?
We are sorry but there is no discount for bulk purchase.
I clicked the item's link but it didn't show the page.
Our site has Japanese, English and Chinese language display. We do not use translation function but our staff ourselves translate on each items. If you inquire via Instagram DM etc., we will translate to English or Chinese based on your language and send you the link. If the link sent by us is not displayed, please let us know, we will translate it as soon as possible and contact you again.

Our Product

Are your items new?
There are vintage and new products in our shop. For details, see "Products" in the Shopping Guide.
Are the brand items you are handling genuine?
Vintage brand items sold in our store have passed the appraisal and are certified as genuine.
Does item come with an origianl brand box or dust bag? If there is no attachment, I would like to attach it.
Vintage items have been handed down from many different places and people for many years. Many of the original boxes and dust bags have already deteriorated or been lost, so they are not always included. Please note that if we have a box or dust bag that is the perfect size for your order, we can of course attach it, but cannot guarantee.
I want to see detailed images that show the condition.
The detailed images are posted on the product details page, so please check from there (please also see "About Display" in the Shopping Guide). In addition, a detailed description of the condition is noted in Details. We pay close attention so that there is no omission, but if you have any concerns about the condition etc., please contact our customer center at or DM to our Instagram before ordering. Our staff will assist you so that you can resolve any anxiety and concerns before purchasing.

Payment Method

I choose credit card as the payment method, but I only have a purchase confirmation button. Where do I enter my credit card number?
For credit card payment, select credit card (with 3-D secure) as the payment method and press the purchase confirmation button on the last page of your order, and you will transition from this site to the payment screen of the payment agency SB Payment Service. Please enter the information required for card payment there.
I enter the credit card number but get an error message.
There may be card brands that are not available on this site, or you have reached the credit limit of the card you have subscribed to. The card brands that can be used on this site are VISA, Mastercard, and JCB with 3-D secure settings. Please note that AMEX and Diners are not available. Contact your card company for details on how to change your credit card limit.
What is 3-D secure on credit card?
Please see the "About 3-D secure" in the Shopping Guide.
How much in Euro? Can I switch to another currency?
This site is displayed in Japanese Yen and US Dollar only. Euro is not supported so please check the exchange rates to see the price in other currencies.
Is payment other than Japanese yen possible?
Payment will be made in Japanese yen only. The price is displayed in Japanese yen and US dollar on the product details page so we would appreciate if you could get an idea of ​​the product price before purchasing. In addition, please note that since the payment amount will be deducted at the rate at the time of debit, there may be a slight difference from the price you saw when placing your order.


Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do and you can choose carrier from EMS and DHL. Please see "Shipping & Delivery" in the Shopping Guide for more information.
Do I have to pay customs duty and import charge? If so, how much?
Depending on the value of your order, customs duties or import taxes may or may not be levied. Please note that regulations regarding customs duties or import taxes vary greatly from country to country.
For details, we recommend contacting your local customs office.
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