2024.05.17 【NOTICE】About online store system maintenance
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For customers who do not receive emails or replies from us

Thank you for your support to
VINTAGE QOO TOKYO online store.
In our store, when you place an order,
an automatic sending email will be sent to you
to confirm your order.
Your order confirmation email will be sent automatically
right after your order
so if you have not received your email,
your order has not been completed successfully,
or there is a possibility that email from our store has not arrived.
Customers who are aware of the following contents,
or even if you do not meet the following contents
but you have not received an email,
we are very sorry for the inconvenience,
but please contact us with another tool
such as Instagram DM and LINE @.
In that case, please be sure to specify your name,
phone number and address.

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⒈Confirm your registered email address
The email address you entered may be incorrect.
If you enter an incorrect email address, 
we will not be able to deliver emails from our store.
Please confirm your email address
registered in the member information once
and contact us again
⒉For customers who use mobile phone email address
Depending on the mobile phone's domain reception settings,
there are some phones that cannot receive the email from us.
(Ex. Receiving only the address or domain you choose,
Blocking all emails from PC email address)
Please set our customer service email address
in the domain email reception options beforehand.

⒊For customers who use free email accounts
 If you use free email such as Gmail,
Yahoo! mail and Hotmail,
confirmation mail from our store is mistaken
for spam mail by spam mail prevention function
and it is automatically sorted to spam mail folder and trash box
(Or may have been deleted)
 Therfore, please also check your spam mail folder and trash box 
⒋Inbox capacity on server exceeds capacity 
 There is a limit on the size of the mailbox on the server,
and if you do not receive and delete mail regularly,
your inbox will fill up.
If your inbox exceeds capacity, new mail may not be accepted.
Also, even if you press the delete button,
it may just move to trash box
but remains undeleted on the server.
You may not be able to receive due to
the capacity of the trash box so please also check there.
After deleting mails on the server,
please contact us with your name, phone number and address
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We are truly sorry for the inconvenience
and thank you for your understanding. 
※Please note that we cannot keep any items
since our items are one of a kind
> More information here  <

VINTAGE QOO TOKYO Ecommerce team