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Available from 22:00 on 16th Oct.! NEW MILLENIUUM ~LOUIS VUITTON~

Thank you for supporting VINTAGE QOO TOKYO.

Only available for 3 days
22:00 16th Oct.~23:59 19th(JST)
Here is the massage from Vintage Qoo owner Junna,
and the story how she started this event.

 I came up with this event when I went to the business trip in L.A.
and went to LOUIS VUITTON's exhibition in beverly hills
to research in September, 2019.
Many archive items were exhibited there
but also some Monogram Multicolore items
which were sold in the early 2000's.
I haven't seen them for a long time
and thought they were pretty!
In the early 2000's was the time
I started to have my rules about my fasion.
And I thought could I have the items I especially liked
from those days at my store.
Our store policy is to have
only items before 2000.
So I was thinking which way would be the best
to have Monogram Multicolore items at our store,
and we decided to sell them as limited edition.
We couldn't collect all items from the collection
since the number of Multicolore items are decreasing.
But we spent one year to collect the items we have.
Enjoy the items from 16th Oct!


About Monogram Multicolore
The Louis Vuitton Multicolore collection started in 2003
as a collaboration between then-creative director Marc Jacobs
and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

Color option is blanc (white) or noir (Black).

It's known for colorful and pop just like its name "Muliticolore"

The standard monogram print was replaced
with 33 different colors by special silkscreen print.
This innovative design broke the mold which is known
orthodox relaxing brown and became an instant hit.

Available from 22:00 on 16th Oct. (JST) online!

We will introduce items on Instagram livestream
at 13:00 and 16:00 everyday,
and you also can watch it on IGTV
so don't miss it!


*We cannot put any items on hold
since our vintage items are one of a kind. 
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