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【10th Anniversary】Limited time sale of carefully selected Chanel after 2000!

Evolve with the past

is  celebrating
our 10th anniversary
in April, 2022

Thank you from the bottom of our heart
to our customers who have been patronizing us
for a long time!

With the memorable 10th anniversary,
we are making a #changing decision here

Keep proposing a lifestyle
with inheriting the vintage,
reusing as long-lasting

Expanding the interpretation of #vintage
and contributing to the world and give back

【10th Anniversary】
Limited time sale of carefully selected
Chanel after 2000!

Pre-view:12/6 12pm(JST)~
Launch:12/11 6pm(JST)~12/19 23:59pm(JST)

The keyword is #y2k
We foucused on the positive and
energetic outfits that were poplar
in "Year 2000"

Please take a look at#chanely2k
which fuses the past and the present
and sublimates into an iconic figure
that symbolizes the #sustainable era 


 ※Please note that we cannot keep any items
since our items are one of a kind

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