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How to see the date codes ~LOUIS VUITTON~

Did you know Louis Vuitton items
have date codes?
Date codes are a combination of letters and numbers,
and you can figure out where and when your bag was made.

There are 5 patterns up to which era it was made!

Three Digits
Ex.) 835
→Made in May of 1983

The first two numbers indicate the year,
and the last one indicate the month of manufacturing.

They changed the date code system
and added letters.
Ex.) 851SL
→Made in January of 1985 in France.
Same way to see the numbers,
and letters indicate the factory location of manufacturing.
So people could see where it was made easily
from this era.

Only 1989
Ex.) SP8903
→Made in March of 1989 in France.

Letters came first and they used 4 numbers.

Ex.) TH0968
→Made in June of 1998 in France.

1st and 3rd numbers:the month of manufacturing
2nd and 4th numbers:the year of manufacturing


Ex.) BO2037
→23rd week of 2007 in France
1st and 3rd numbers:the week of manufacturing
2nd and 4th numbers:the year of manufacturing

They changed the four-digit numbering system format and
instead of indicating the month an item was manufactured,
the first and third numbers now represent the week.

mainly from 80s~90s,
so use date code rules from ① to ④!

You may feel attached to the item
which was made in the same year you were born.

Why don't you find your birth year bag?

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