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About 3-D Secure

About 3-D Secure

In order to prevent illegal use such as "spoofing" by the theft of credit/debit card information from third parties on this site, we have introduced "3-D Secure (credit/debit card identity authentication service)" for credit/debit card payment.

What is 3-D Secure (credit/debit card identity authentication service)?

3-D secure is identity authentication security service designed to be an additional security layer for online credit/debit card transactions recommended by VISA, Matercard and JCB. It is called differently by each card brand but collectively called “3-D Secure”

*Visa: Verified by Visa
*MasterCard: SecureCode
*JCB International: J/Secure

What is merit for 3-D Secure?

  • Prevent illegal use such as "spoofing" by stealing credit/debit card information

  • Reliable service of worldwide identity authentication common to the three brands "VISA", "Mastercard", and "JCB"

  • Easy to use by simply registering necessary information such as passwords to the card issuing company

Traditional credit card settlement on the internet was able to be done only with basic card information such as card number, expiration date, security code. If you register 3-D Secure on your 3-D Secure compatible card, you will also authenticate passwords you know only by the registrant, in addition to the basic card information at card settlement. As a result, it is possible to prevent illegal use such as "spoofing" by theft of credit card information from third part beforehand.

Registering 3-D Secure is free and easy. Please check the following points when registering.

1. Check if your credit card supports 3-D secure
Card brands that support 3-D secure are as follows.


*If your card issuing company does not support 3-D secure, please understand that you cannot use credit/debit card transactions on this site.

2.Registering passwords to the card issuing company
It is necessary to access the website of the card issuing company of the customer's card and register necessary information in advance. If you are unsure, please contact the card issuing company of your card.
Enjoy secure online shopping on our secure 3D compatible site.