2021.01.09 Regarding the inquiries, replies and shipment in January
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Notice regarding ordering and delivery for the year-end and New Year holidays

Thank you for your support for
online store. 
Sorry for the inconvinience
online store will be closed from
for the year-end and New Year holidays
 ⑴【Ordering items】
You still can order items during the year-end
and New Year holidays
but please note that we will not be able to
ship any items during the pereiod.
We will arrange shipping
after January 4th (Mon), 2021. 
 If you place an order by noon,
December 28th (Mon), 2020, 
the items will be shipped within the year.
※The delivery of the items depends on
order status and traffic conditions.
Please note that it may be
the begginning of the year.
For orders after the above,
we will arrange shipping in sequence
after 4th of January of the following year.
⑶【Inquiry to customer service】
The inquiry window will be closed
during the holidays.
Regarding inquiries received
during the pereiod,
we will reply to you one by one
after January 4th. 

We are truly sorry for the inconvinience
and thank you for your understanding.

To customers who have patronized
our store for a long time

Thank you from the bottom of our heart!
We will do our best to deliver the encounter
with vintage one of a kind items
through our online store next year.

We hope you will keep loving our store❤
 Enjoy shopping with us
during the holidays❤︎

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※Please note that we cannot keep any items
since our items are one of a kind
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