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About Watches

  • Watches are precision-made instruments so please be careful when handling it.

  • All watches are checked to make sure it is working before it is shipped out to customers. However, we do not know how long the battery will last before it runs out.

  • Please contact brand boutiques or watch stores for repairing or changing battery.

How to use hand-winding watch

As much as possible, slowly turn the crown in the direction of the arrow around the same time of a day to wind up the mainspring. When winding up to a stop of winding (a state where it can not be rolled up anymore), turn it about 3 times in the reverse direction.
When second hand starts working, set the time.
If winding is done in the same time of a day everyday, the accuracy of the clock tends to stabilize.

*Some hand-winding type watches have no winding stops

How to use automatic watch

In case using automatic watch from completely stopped state, please wind up the crown slowly like hand-winding watch. When second hand starts working, set the time.
Since then mainspring is winded by motion automatically. However, with too short installation or less motion, watch could stop or have unstable accuracy.
To avoid that we advise to wind 40 – 50 times before wearing and it will keep moving for 30 – 50 hours average.